Liverpool History Society Library

The Liverpool History Society Library has over 700 titles. It is housed in the Search Room, Liverpool Record Office on the 3rd floor of the Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool. 


Liverpool History Society Library Opening Hours

Opening Hours for the collection

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30am to 7:30pm.

Saturdays 9:30am to 4:30pm

The Search Room is closed on Sundays.

Access is limited to one person per visit and you must report at the desk that you are a member of LHS. Bags, cases, document wallets and so on are not allowed in the Search Room and will need to be stored in a locker -a £1 coin is needed for this (refundable).


We are very grateful to Liverpool Central Library for their support and co-operation in granting Liverpool History Society’s collection of books a permanent home in Liverpool Record Office. 

We hold some very old and rare books which are for Reference Only and cannot be removed from the library. All other books can be borrowed from this collection by following the procedure below.

    1. When you visit the LHS Library, take the lift to the 3rd floor of the Central Library – the LHS Library is within the Search Room.
    2. Deposit any bags, coats etc in one of the lockers outside the Search Room – a £1 coin-returnable system is in place.
    3. Explain that you are an LHS member and give your name to members of staff on duty. They will allow you access to the Search Room. Unlike members of the public, LHS members do NOT have to make a prior appointment to access the Search Room.
    4. There is a blue file on the shelves where the book catalogue is kept. If you wish to borrow book(s) whilst you are at the Library, please complete the loans form which can be found in the ‘ Returned Books from Loan’ box with the catalogue on the shelf. The loan period is for 30days. Please notify the Librarian by email ( book(s) you have borrowed.
    5. At the end of the loan period, please return the book(s) to the LHS library and write RETURNED on your form. If you wish to renew them for a further 30 days, contact the Librarian by email for authorisation.
    6. B. As part and parcel of the above arrangements, LHS members using the Search Room should have access to the photocopier, which also incorporates a scanner if you need to copy anything from a book. Normal photocopying charges and copyright legislation would apply.
    7. In addition, you have the option of using, free of charge, the dedicated overhead scanner and downloading the scans onto your own USB memory stick.
    8. LHS members also have access to the public computers in the Search Room. You will need a Liverpool Libraries membership card to do this. This then gives you free access to various resources.
    9. There are also a number of microfilm machines in the Search Room which you can access, again free of charge – staff would bring the reels to you in the Search Room


We have a limited space available in the library and the Committee have decided that we should only keep one copy of each book.

There are over 100 duplicates and it has been decided to offer them to our members before disposing of them otherwise. These books have been removed from the collection. Most of the books are about Liverpool /Wirral history and have an LHS sticker and label on/in them. 

The approximate value of each book has been worked out by comparing prices on the main online book sellers, and they are being offered at a fraction of the prices listed elsewhere.

To show interest in any books please email the librarian for the list and, if they are still available, they can reserved for you and a method of payment and collection will be arranged.


Note: The pamphlets and slim publications will be together in Box Files in alphabetical order by author and situated on the shelves. Currently they are being catalogued separately from the book collection and unavailable.

Where there is more than one author of a publication, the first author will appear alphabetically with full title details, but the other authors will also appear alphabetically  in the catalogue with a ‘see reference’ to the first author.