Liverpool History Journal 23 (2024)

A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history including:

    • Liverpool’s Leonardo”: George Stubbs and the Liverpool Connection.
    • Jesse Hartley’s Coburg Dockyard 1840-1907
    • The Life and Times of Henry Lafone.
    • The Final Act of ‘Liverpool’s Most Distinguished Son’: William Ewart Gladstone, Hengler’s Circus, September 1896
    • National Museums Liverpool – The Beginning
    • Eugenio Londini: The Forgotten Knight of Liverpool
    • Nursing in the 1946 Smallpox Outbreak in Liverpool
    • The Trial of SS Unterscharführer Frank Mclardy of Formby
    • “The Protector of the Brute Creation”: Egerton Smith and Animal Welfare in the Early Nineteenth Century
    • A Heritage Trail of Charitable and Social Work in Liverpool
    • Walking on Water Street, Part 15. The Town Dues are Dead. Long Live the Town
    • Princes Road Synagogue