Liverpool History Journal 19 (2020)

A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history including:

  • Who was Tommy White? (Paul A. Nuttall)
  • House with a Secret (June Whitehead)
  • Memorials Near and Far: the Booker Family of Liverpool (Janet Hollinshead)
  • The Suffragette Outrages in Liverpool (Ann Clayton)
  • What the Papers Said: The Liverpool Mercury and the Irish Famine 1846-1847 (Chris Jones)
  • The Welsh Chapels of Liverpool, Part 2 (Gareth Carr)
  • Philanthropy, Consensus, and Broiges: Managing a Jewish Community – a History of the Southport Jewish Community (John Cowell)
  • Not a Genial Man: Henry Booth (1769-1869) (John Hussey)
  • Thomas Peterson Goudie and the Frauds on the Bank of Liverpool (John Gannon)
  • A Most Formidable Lady – Eleanor Rathbone (1872-1946) Part 1: a Feminist, Suffragist, and Social & Political Reformer (Stephen A. Gent)
  • A Whale of a Tale (Part 1): From Liverpool’s Greenland Street to Greenland’s ‘Liverpool Land’ – William Scoresby Jnr’s Life in Liverpool (Ron Jones)
  • The Dramatic Crosby Beach Rescue of 1893 (Tony Whittaker)
  • Liverpool’s Best Architect? (Editor)