Liverpool History Journal 14 (2015)

A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history including:

  • “Remember the Lusitania!” 1915-2015 R.I.P. – Ron Jones
  • The Old Dock Re-visited: Some 300th Anniversary Musings – Adrian Jarvis
  • Walking on Water Street, Part 8. Vanished Streets: Chorley Street, 1725-1925 – Graham Jones
  • Eisteddfods in Liverpool – Brian Woodbridge
  • A Healthy Final Journey. The Development of Liverpool’s Cemeteries – c.160 to 1910 – F T Forrest
  • Strangers in a Strange Land – John Hussey
  • Peter Ellis and Two Buildings on Catharine Street – Graham Jones
  • New Light on the Crown Street Terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway – Hugh Hollinghurst
  • Celebrating the Bi-centenary of the Township of Waterloo – Brenda Murray
  • The Foundation of University College, Liverpool 1878-1882 – Martin Strauss
  • Cunard in World War One – David Hearn
  • Edwin Lyon: a Forgotten Liverpool Sculptor – Ann Truesdale
  • ‘The Liverpool Phil’. A Brief History of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society: Part 1 – Stephen Gent
  • Kate Sheppard: Liverpool and New Zealand – Janet E Hollinshead
  • From St Martin’s Cottages to Juvenal Dwellings – Liverpool’s Pioneering Role in the Provision of Public Housing – Bertie Dockerill
  • The Sinking of the Lusitania. Merseyside 1915: the Response of Letter-Writers to the Anti-German Riots – Lee P Ruddin