A review of Canon Neville Black’s Memoir ‘Forty Years of Ministry in Liverpool’ has been added to our Book Review pages.

Canon Neville Black writes about his long local career. Starting life in Bootle, his ministry has taken him into many parts of Liverpool. Neville describes some prized friendships and is honest and detailed about the work of the church. . He was clearly aware of the different communities that changed the city during his life as a clergyman, and had a great sympathy for them, and the poor accommodation in which they frequently lived. He also provides critical assessments of some notable people.
In his foreword to the book, Rev Sam Wells, a regular broadcaster on the radio, clearly detects a
warmth in the personality of Neville Black, which enabled him to break down resistance from those
who accepted a Church that was set in its ways, and to help it to adapt to changing needs and
customs in the Britain of the 1970s and later. Neville worked until his seventies, constantly developing new paths for the local churches he ran or participated in.