What were you hoping could still be saved on 21st November 1956?
The Liverpool Overhead Railway perhaps?
On that day a small Welsh community marched through Liverpool
with their banners, desperately hoping to save their valley
from what Liverpool City Council wanted to do to it.

What were you listening to on your record player on 22nd October 1965?
The recent Beatles release, ‘Yesterday’, perhaps?
That small Welsh community, however,
was remembering what had taken place the previous day:
the inauguration ceremony of a new Welsh reservoir for Liverpool.

What do you remember reading in the Liverpool Daily Post on 20th October 2005?
Benitez saluting the goalscorer in Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Anderlecht perhaps?
For the Welsh children who had lost their homes, their school, their chapel
and their way of life, they would have read that
‘Liverpool City Council last night said sorry for flooding a Welsh village 40 years ago’.

Click on the image to download a pdf of the story in text and pictures
of the drowning of Cwm Tryweryn