Liverpool History Journal 20 (2021)

A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history including:

  • The Iron Cow of Liverpool and the Crusade for Clean Milk (Dave Joy)
  • Sir Charles Sydney Jones (1872-1947) (Martin Strauss)
  • Six Months in the Life of a Clerk in 1847 Liverpool: The Diary of Thomas Wood (Virginia Schroder)
  • Richard Owens & the Welsh House-Builders of Mid- Victorian Liverpool (Gareth Carr)
  • Michael Sadler’s Report on Secondary Education in Liverpool 1904 (Hugh Hollinghurst)
  • Albert 175: Anniversary of the Opening of Albert Dock (Ron Jones)
  • “More Like a General than a Divine”: The Rev. Hugh McNeile in Liverpool (John Pinfold)
  • The Visit of American Engineers to Liverpool in 1889 (Michael Nash)
  • The Gardener’s Tale and the Greenhouse Effect (John Hussey)
  • A Most Formidable Lady – Eleanor Rathbone (1872-1946); Part 2: A Feminist, Suffragist, and Social & Political Reformer (Stephen A. Gent)
  • The Fall of ‘The Little Mother of Liverpool’: Margaret Beavan, Everton Division and the 1929 General Election (Paul A. Nuttall)
  • The Hope Street Bodies in the Cellar Scandal (John Gannon)
  • A Whale of a Tale (Part 2): William Scoresby Jnr’s Life in Liverpool (Ron Jones)