During the pandemic, the Society has received donations, mainly of books, but also some prints of Liverpool and DVDs. On behalf of the Liverpool History Society, I am grateful to our deceased Members Margaret Cragg and Joe Roche and to current Member Michael Nash for donating their books. We are always grateful to receive your donations which enhances the collection that Members are able to use. In total, there are 96 additional books and I have identified some interesting titles listed below. All the books will be available on the library shelves and an updated catalogue will be there to consult.

  1. Ackroyd, H : Picture Palaces of Liverpool.
  2. Baines, T : History of Liverpool. 1852.
  3. Brooke, R : Liverpool as it was 1775 – 1800. 1853 (reprint 2003).
  4. Carr, M : History of Knowsley Church and the Derby Family.
  5. Clayton, A : Liverpool Heroes – Book 3 : Liverpool VC Holders.
  6. Clayton, A : Liverpool Heroes – Book 4 : Merseyside VC Holders.
  7. Cooper, J : Liverpool Firsts.
  8. Cubbin, G : Harrisons of Liverpool. Chronicle of Ships and Men 1830-2002.
  9. Fergusson-Irvine, I : Notes on the Halls of Wirral. 1903.
  10. Lancashire Regiment : The Loyal Regiment( North Lancashire) 1741-1941.
  11. McLoughlin, G : Short History of Liverpool Infirmary : 1749-1824.
  12. Ranaghan, P : Father Nugent’s Liverpool : 1849-1905.