Liverpool Libraries have asked us to make members aware of a project which will be hosted by Liverpool Central Library and across some of the branch libraries this spring. Volunteers for the project are welcomed.

Four creatives/artists will work with four (pre-identified) community groups -across Merseyside – to develop two visual art works that help us to tell the story of one of our seven Liverpool Irish Famine Trail plaque sites and our Irish Famine Memorial. We are not prescriptive about what these art works will be, but they could involve a recorded theatre or dance piece, animation, tapestry, collage, painting, sculpture, film or other visual work that we can display in an app and online -and in life, if the opportunity presents itself.

Each Project Group will look at two plaque sites from the Trail. The groups will work on creative ways to tell the site’s story to the public. Artists will help guide this work and finesse the end product. The Community Groups will be supported by members of our (already existing) History Research Group, who have worked on the project until now.

Over the coming years, Liverpool Irish Festival, alongside our city and community partners, will undertake the revitalisation of the historic Liverpool Irish Famine Trial. The Trail will be restored with the involvement of local communities, providing an invigorated cultural asset for the city, and creating new roles and creative commissions in the process.

You can see the progress we have made by visiting our Trail site, where there is information on the seven plaque sites and memorial site, as well as the remaining sites of Irish influence that make up the Liverpool Irish Famine Trail. This is the second part of a long-term project, so we are already working with a very committed, well-skilled History Research Group and their Lead, John Maguire, who is also Director of ArtsGroupie CIC.