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Liverpool History Society Journal 07 (2008)

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A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history.

  • Educational Snapshots of Liverpool – Jo McCann & Fred Forrest
  • Death in the Pool of Life – Marie McQuade
  • The Herdman Family of Liverpool – Kay Parrott
  • The Orrell Mandoliers – Gordon Charters
  • Resuscitation from Drowning in Late Eighteenth Century Liverpool (1775-1825) – Reg Yorke
  • Muddied Oafs on the Mersey: Amateur football in the Liverpool district 1879-1915 – Tom Preston
  • “Unity in Essentials”: The Building of Prescot Union Workhouse Chapel – Kathy Donaldson
  • “Yours Faithfully, W E Gladstone” – Mary Harrison
  • A Century of Wurst: The origins of Liverpool’s Jewish eritage – Robert Ainsworth
  • The City of Liverpool and Liverpool City: Liverpool’s curious non-relationship with Rugby League Football – Michael Brocken
  • An Irish Club in Kirkdale – Brenda Murray
  • The Ugly Face Club – Arline Wilson
  • Around the Town in Forty-eight Hours: Jules Verne in Liverpool – Ian McKean

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