Front Page Journal 08

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A collection of articles featuring accounts of Liverpool’s rich history.

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  1. John Russell (Jnr) says:

    Looking for a reprint of Gordon Charters article on the subject of the The Orrell Mandoliers. The founders, Stanley Russell and his wife Ruth (nee Hibbert) were my uncle and aunt respectivey, and until 1956 I lived with my parents in Old Klondike. Stan’s sister, Dorothy (married name Williams) also ran a small dance band playing the clubs and various institutions on Merseysode. I have an old tape of the Orrell Mandoliers (soirce amd date unknown). Also an original, art deco style, folding plywood music stand (one of a dozen or so made and painted by my father) bearing the letters “DW”. Any informatio on her musical career would also be appreciated.