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  1. Get more up to date ones

  2. John Lawler says:

    Sorry to disappoint all of you. School for Deaf. Liverpool was not the first in world.

    Paris Germany Holland Sweden Edinburgh London(1792) Birmingham Manchester(1823) Liverpool(1825). FACT

  3. Martyn Paul Barber says:

    1878 The city’s first professional football club Everton was formed – as St.Domingo FC. Changes it’s name a year later to Everton. Founder members of the Football League 1888. I would have thought that is a first for the City whether people are interested in sport or not.

    Fascinating society and interesting read I think I may join.

    Out of interest my Father and Uncle own a company called S.Barber & Co Ltd (Printers) and we are 100 years old this year. I am the 5th generation to be employed and I am almost certain we are the oldest established printers in Liverpool. It is hard going at present but we are still there. Started off in Tempest Hey, then South John Street, then Kitchen Street, then Lipton Close in Bootle (fire destroyed premises in July 2012), now in Vauxhall Road.

  4. Denys Owen says:

    I just want to wish you continued success. My own parents lost their business in the air raids.

  5. Monica Clark says:

    can anyone tell me about the 1st Jones Pet shop in Liverpool please

  6. Trying to find out who owned 4 Windows lane in 1953 when I lived there

  7. Eric James says:

    Wifes Uncle served apprenticeship with family firm of Bolton’s Bookbinder Liverpool at the turn of century anybody know anything about them?

  8. Susie Mac says:

    This is brilliant! Wow! Who knew?
    It would be even better if you were able to record any 1st’s for Liverpool in the past 10 years and if you had a link for me and others to share this to Facebook and other social net works.
    I noticed a couple of typo’s but the only one I can remember is on the 1933 line ‘Spekes’.
    Anyway, well done and keep it up!

  9. Strictly, Seaforth Sands was not part of Liverpool but Waterloo & Seaforth UDC (later subsumed into the Borough of Crosby and now Sefton). As such it was separated from Liverpool by the Borough of Bootle

  10. 1981 Liverpool hosted the first European Assembly of Students of Architecture at both schools of architecture. EASA has become a regular fixture for the more adventurous architecture students who attend a similar student organised event each year in a different country. Every autumn representatives of students from every country in Europe gather to plan the next event and decide on the venue for the following one.

  11. Paul Hart says:

    Brilliant list! Thank you, Liverpool History Society.
    Here’s another couple…
    1. World’s first inter-city passenger train service, Liverpool-Manchester.
    Oddly, the list does include the world’s first rail accident fatality, Huskisson, on its inaugural journey, 1830, but not the world first being the service.
    2. the first European Assembly of Students of Architecture
    Originated and held at the two schools of architecture in 1981 (between riots), the event continues every year throughout Europe, a different country each year.

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